Engaging 8-11 year-olds

All our free materials have been written with 11-14 year-olds in mind. However, we don’t think it’s ever too soon to learn about science. So we’ve aimed to make our resources suitable for younger students too.

We want GSK STEM Education to help students broaden their scientific view of the world around them and to support the key focus of teaching science at age 8-11.

Within each topic, we’ve provided Teachers’ guidance materials. These sit alongside the Lab activities and Independent learning materials, providing suggestions on how you can best engage 8-11 year-olds in our programme. We’ve provided discussion points for our films and point to one or two activities that can be easily adapted for younger children and children of different abilities.

There are many opportunities to use the classroom activities as a basis for recording data and using test results when working scientifically with older students. For those aged 10-11, the materials support work on recognising the impact of diet, exercise and lifestyle on the way their bodies function.

"This programme helps teachers deliver science lessons through a real-life and engaging approach." Emma, teaching 5-11 year-olds