We are offering an exciting opportunity for students to explore science.

Our STEM education program gives young people the chance to see how what they learn at school is applied in the real world. We want to show students that a career in science can be for anyone, and so we’ve asked all sorts of different people to share their experiences.

We hope their stories will reveal the wonderful opportunities working with science can bring, and inspire more young people, especially girls, to engage with science in new ways. 

You can find out more about working at GSK and the type of careers we offer here.


Film discussion points:

  • Which adjectives were you surprised to hear in the film to describe science and scientists?
  • Which aspects of science make it an inspirational career to embark on?
  • Which area of science would you like to see someone, perhaps yourself, make a breakthrough in?

Our people

Fiona Hartley

Industrial Placement student in Investigative Preclinical Toxicology

George Okafo

Consultancy Director and Incubation Project Leader

Nerea del Saz

Industrial Placement student, Process Engineer in OSD Engineering

Rhiannon Lowe

Investigator working in Investigative Preclinical Toxicology (IPT)