George Okafo

What is your job?

I’m a 'Consultancy Director and Incubation Project Leader' at GSK. These two roles involve me providing drug discovery and development advice and support to other companies and people working at GSK. Also, I am a project leader working on an early-stage drug discovery research project. 

How did you choose your career?

My interest in science began early in life, thanks to the influence of my parents. My father was a medical doctor and my mother was a midwife, and their conversations about their work fascinated me as a child. My parents came from very humble backgrounds and their determination to be successful in difficult careers was an inspiration to me. I developed an inquisitive nature!

What do you like best about your job?

My role allows me to grow as a scientist and to learn new things. I am in the fortunate position in that I get to see both sides of R&D – in GSK and in the external environment of biotech companies and academia.

What’s your next goal?

My ultimate goal is to lead my project towards the discovery of a new medicine.

What’s your advice for budding scientists?

Work hard, be passionate, and always ask questions because science underpins everything we do in life.


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