Janette Laroche

What is your job?

I’m a 'Medicines Development Leader' at GSK. I’m responsible for leading the team that will complete all of the necessary development work for a drug in order to get that drug approved for use, which is the ultimate aim of Research & Development (R&D).

How did you choose your career?

I decided I wanted a career in science when selecting my A Levels. I just wasn’t sure quite what it should be! I particularly enjoyed maths, so I did a degree in it, but it was the statistics part of my degree and particularly the application of statistics to medicine that I enjoyed the most, so I then did an MSc in applied statistics. I joined the pharmaceutical industry and spent many years working as a statistician in clinical development, before moving to jobs that require broader drug development experience.

What do you like best about your job?

The very best thing about my role as a Medicines Development Leader is that I get to see and work with all aspects of drug development. I really enjoy the problem solving side of things and leading teams.

What’s your advice for budding scientists?

Choose something that you really enjoy doing, but keep an open mind and be willing to be flexible in your career path. Who knows where it may take you!


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