Nerea del Saz

What is your job?

I’m an Engineering Industrial Placement student at GSK. My daily routine varies, but I attend engineering meetings where projects are discussed, work with the operators in Production to discuss possible improvements in granulation and dispensary, the areas I have been aligned to.

How did you choose your career?

I decided I wanted a career in engineering after I finished my GSCEs. Science (particularly chemistry), and maths were always my favourite subjects, which is why I chose to study Chemical Engineering with the intention of acquiring an in-depth understanding of the engineering area. I went on to study my degree at Loughborough University and I’m currently in my industrial placement year. 

What do you like best about your job?

I love working on large-scale projects. I really like to be challenged because I think it’s a good opportunity to demonstrate that you are capable of logically thinking outside the box to solve new problems.

I also like being able to see the whole production process – because I work in the Oral Solid Dose of GSK I get to see how tablets are made from beginning to end, so from when they come in to site as a powder until they leave the site as a coated tablet ready to be sold. Just think about all the different steps that the paracetamol you swallow with water has been through before it got to you! 

What’s your next goal?

At the moment I am working on a really significant project which is a ‘Value Stream Map’. This involves looking at each individual step of the entire production process and identifying where the delays are and where possible improvements could be made, with the aim of increasing the number of batches released to the customer by increasing the overall equipment effectiveness. 

What’s your advice for budding scientists?

Challenge yourself. Don’t only do the work you get asked to do by your teacher, get your laptop and find out more!

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