Previous Challenges

Our previous Challenges have been the talk of students all over the UK! It’s quite a thing to be able to boast that your science skills have won you a chance to meet Jenson Button, or a chance to chat to a McLaren Mercedes engineer!

The previous winning teams’ science teachers have given us feedback on taking part and we hope this may also inspire you to enter.

"We are so proud of our team. They had a great day; it was a wonderful experience for them and they learnt a lot. Obviously they are very disappointed in not making the top three but they are already looking forward to next year’s competition and giving it another go." Lee, teaching 11-18 year-olds

"I just want to thank you again, this has been a really great opportunity for those involved and has allowed them to engage with the real life application of science." Dean, teaching 11-18 year-olds

"Many thanks for organising such a great competition!" Louise, Director of science, teaching 11-18 year-olds

Watch the fun had by all in our previous annual Challenges and read about the Fast Forward Challenge, the Pit Stop Challenge and the Paddock Challenge for inspiration.