GSK Germ Squad

This year's Challenge enabled more students than ever before to engage with real scientists. Twenty teams shortlisted from Stage 1 of the Challenge got personal mentoring from a GSK scientist, something we know is a rare opportunity for most 11-14 year-olds.  This mentoring system offered students advice and support from professionals, bringing real-world experience to the classroom.

Our GSK Germ Squad is a team of scientists who acted as mentors to help teams refine their ideas into valid hypotheses that can be tested scientifically and safely. Check out our Germ Squad below! 

The GSK Germ Squad

Amanda Campbell

GSK Liaison Officer, R&D Platform Technology & Science

Anna Shaw

Laboratory Analyst Apprentice, GMS Quality

Carmelene Godwin

Director, Regulatory Professional Development

Debbie Allen

Senior Investigator, Microbiology

Funmi Marquis

QA Specialist, Quality & Compliance Management, Research & Development

Judith Gregory

Principal Formulation Scientist, Skin Health

Julian D. Phipps

Investigator, Microbiology, R&D Platform Technology & Science

Kerrie Price

Microbiological Technologist (Apprentice)

Rhiannon Lowe

Investigator, Virology

Richard Rolls

Principal Formulation Scientist

Tess Hadgett

Senior Analyst, PACE – UK, R&D Platform Technology & Science