This year, we invited students across the UK to meet experts from the world of science in the comfort of their own classrooms via our Google Hangout programme for 2015.

Google Hangouts is an online platform for short conversations which can bring together participants and audiences from around the world.

Across our series of three Hangouts, we brought different aspects of science to life. Drawing on the experience of experts at GSK and our partner organisations, including Save the Children and the McLaren Technology Group, our Hangouts shared real-life stories of science in action directly with students.

These 15–20 minute chats provided exclusive insights into the amazing range of processes and people involved in the scientific world.

Our Hangouts were broadcast live between February and May 2015. However, there is still time to catch up on all the action! You and your students can still watch each of the Hangouts by simply following the links below. 



From tackling some of the world’s most infectious diseases to delivering our products more effectively to people that need them, GSK is collaborating with other organisations to generate innovative solutions.

Understand why working together in science gets results.
Explore how our innovative partnerships with Save the Children and the McLaren Technology Group are revolutionising healthcare.

Our Hangout was broadcast live on 6 March 2015.
Catch up on all the action from the Hangout now!

Innovation and investigation

Creative, imaginative people can make great scientists because they bring fresh new ways of looking at real-world challenges. But if you want to know if an idea will hold up in practice, you will need to come up with an experiment to test it.

Understand the journey of an idea - from investigation to scientific breakthrough.
Find out how creative partnerships have fuelled real-life innovation.
Discover how scientists at GSK take an idea and make it a reality.

Our Hangout was broadcast live on 23 April 2015.
Catch up on all the action from the Hangout now!


We live in a noisy world, with a cacophony of media clamouring for our attention. Science has some vital messages for our personal well-being and possibly even our survival as a species.

Understand why science needs good communicators.
Explore how real-life campaigns are used to share science with people around the world.
And find out how these messages are adapted to reach their intended audience.

Our Hangout was broadcast live on 21 May 2015.
Catch up on all the action from the Hangout now!