Three new topics launched!

04 October 2013

This September, we welcomed three brand new topics to our Scientists in Sport programme.

As with all our resources, you will find videos featuring some of the UK’s top athletes talking about the difference that science makes to their sporting performance, as well as great lab ideas and fact sheets to support your teaching.

Anatomy of success

Discover how major joints work and why top performers in different sports are such different sizes and shapes. In our exclusive video, athletes talk about the importance of knowing their bodies inside out. You can also hear what former World Cup winning England Rubgy coach Clive Woodward has to say about rugby and why it’s a great sport for all body shapes! 


Food for success

Nothing has improved the average length and fitness of our lives more than the quality of our nutrition, driven by science and technology. This topic can help your students build a scientific understanding of why we eat and what foods we should consume to improve physical well-being and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Watch our video to find out what top athletes and coaches consider in their diet, and why beetroot is one of David Weir’s power foods! 


Brain power

There was a lot of talk during the London 2012 Games about the positive influence of the crowd. Throw in the pressure of performance and a winning attitude, and it’s easy to see how psychology is key in sport science. In this topic, students learn the tricks of developing a positive self-view, not only in sports but as a general mind-set for life.

Our video tackles what motivates athletes in their performance, the importance of goal-setting and why it can sometimes be good to lose.