GSK UK Young Scientist of the Year: inspiring and engaging students in real-world science

09 June 2017

Two students from Somerset have been awarded the GSK UK Young Scientist of the Year title for their project investigating birds’ responses to colour.

George (age 14) and Ed (age 15), from Churchill Academy and Sixth Form in Somerset, painted birdfeeders four different colours, and investigated whether birds had a preference for one colour in particular. Their investigation revealed that birds were more likely to feed from a feeder painted in blue.

These findings potentially have implications for aircraft engineering and preventing bird strikes. George and Ed's experiment is therefore a great example of how discoveries in one field of science can aid another. 


  • How did George and Ed decide which colour birdfeeder the birds used more?
  • How do you think the students measured how much a feeder was used? Can you think of more than one way to measure this?
  • What do you think are the reasons for bird strikes being a concern?

More articles like this are coming soon, so you can use current news stories to celebrate the importance of science in the real world with your students.