GSK apprentice wins national award

14 February 2018

Charlotte Hughes, a Laboratory Apprentice at GSK, has been presented with the Higher or Degree Apprentice of the Year award at the 14th National Apprenticeship Awards.

Over the two years that Charlotte Hughes has been a Laboratory Apprentice in GSK’s Biopharm Process Research Group, she has had a profound effect on her colleagues, the development of biotherapeutic medicines and the GSK organisation at large. Because of this, it comes as little surprise to many that she secured a coveted award at the National Apprenticeship Awards.  Awards are given to those who have made a significant contribution to their workplace during their time as an apprentice.

Charlotte’s work at GSK focuses on looking at the strength and specificity of drug molecules binding to their target and monitoring levels of residual impurities using immunoassay techniques. This work is highly complex and is one of the pre-clinical stages of developing new, better medicines. However, this is not all that Charlotte does. She has also signed up to become an ambassador for apprenticeship schemes as an alternative to traditional university education and has spoken at numerous STEM careers events around the country. She seems to be having a positive influence on people's views on apprenticeships and is quickly becoming a role model for young scientists nation-wide.

Her hard-working mentality and tenacious demeanour has garnered her the respect of her peers and superiors alike. Ricky Casey, Investigator at GSK and Head of the Analytical Immunoassay and Residual Impurity Group, said that Charlotte has demonstrated ‘exemplary leadership skills’, and others have called her ‘academically excellent’ and ‘outstanding’, as well as describing her work as ‘surpassing all expectations’.

Everyone who knows Charlotte expects her to go from strength to strength over the coming years and her new, full-time appointment as an Associate Research Scientist at GSK should enable her to make a real difference in drug development.

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